April 26,2016: Preview in Around Paintsville


John Sparks was born in Paintsville back in the day and has lived most of his life in the communities of Thealka, Pikeville, Offutt, and Hager Hill. He graduated from Pikeville College more years ago than he cares to remember, and has worked at various healthcare facilities both in this area and in the Bluegrass. Besides this, he’s proven to be an inveterate scribbler, having managed to find time to write three nonfiction works in the history and biography genre, one historical novella, and a passel of short stories that have only recently been published in a collection. He brings to his new column for Around Paintsville, which he has titled “The Common Tater” because it was the best thing he could think of at the spur of the moment, the longtime experiences of a hospital worker, former minister and pastor, nonfiction and fiction writer, husband, and proud father of two daughters who have had a great deal much more success academically than their old man ever has–and are better looking, to boot. 

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